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Monday, January 16, 2006

Mawidge...mawidge is what bwings us togewer today...

Liam and I have been engaged for over a year.

We met at a barbeque in Virginia. Neither of us had planned to attend. We ended up spending the entire night in a well-lit corner of the living room talking about books and art.

From that moment on we were pretty inseparable--at least as inseperable as a couple can be when divided by 3 states and 350 miles.

We started dating in the summer of '03 with Bill driving those torturous 700 miles every other weekend. Then, I got mono.

In spite of my being in law school and his having a job he despised, we had a wonderful time getting to know one another.

We introduced each other to friends and family.

I raced up to New York every month. The Bar deadline approached. Without solid offers, we decided that Virginia was the safest (code for less expensive) place to take the Bar.

I took it in Roanoke, Virginia shortly after graduation.

It took two days. Then, I drove back to Charlottesville, VA where Bill was waiting with a huge congratulations sign and balloons. The next day we drove to New York and moved the rest of his things down to Virginia. I passed and was sworn in along with some of my friends on November 4th of 2004.

January 13th, a Thursday, Bill was still working nights for SNL Financial. He asked me to marry him while wearing a tux and carrying a dozen roses. I was wearing a tattered blue nightie and had just executed a facial peal. I said "Yes." Although, what happened when he asked is a matter of debate between us. He says, "You started crying and jumping up and down, hyperventilating." I say, that I gently placed my hand on his shoulder and said "absolutely," shedding a joyful, solitary tear. What really happened is probably somewhere in between.

Then, the planning began...which included my being baptised. Yes. I was a heathen.

We wanted a fall wedding, and last fall would not have given us enough time to adequately plan (plus, Liam had a gallery opening that would have made it impossible) a wedding and reception and baptism and so on. We set our sights on November 6, 2006, so, then, of course, he had to go get himself another opening for the fall of '06 as well. Brilliant.

First, we want to thank you for visiting our blog. We hope you find it mildly entertaining, and, at the very least, informative. We intend this site to keep our guests updated about the engagment party, bachelor party, bachelorette party, afternoon tea parties, wedding ceremony, reception and all the rest. We will attempt to include Charlottesville-specific information for those of you that might do some exploring while you are here. Please check back for future posts and feel free to comment if we haven't answered your questions regarding wedding logistics, Charlottesville, and so on. Again, thank you ahead of time for your assistance and your company on our most joyous day.


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